Green Rain


Green Rain

Green Rain

I’ve always felt that art is incredibly nourishing.  My eight year old daughter spends so much time with a sketchbook in her hands.  It is her go-to activity whenever she is not whirling around the house stirring up eddies of activity.  I love to see her settled on the couch, sketchbook on her lap, trying out her character creations in different perspectives.


Since she could hold a pencil she has had this ability to quickly arrange a few lines to express characters in motion with a wide array of emotion evident in face and body.  Every night, when I check in on her before going to bed, I end up sliding a pencil out of her sleep softened hand.   I spend a few minutes smiling at the pictures she has created…all so original and full of her humor and energy.  What a great way to fall asleep!


~ by lamiak on January 16, 2011.

One Response to “Green Rain”

  1. She has inherited the gift of beautiful expression from her Mom! (: It’s such a beautiful gift

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