Chaos and Choice

I like to think that our individuality is not genetically predestined.  We have no single solution or outcome.  Each day we generate (or destroy…as in that extra glass of bordeaux) neurons and cortical cells; only we can decide what our brains will become.

Bob Dylan has the courage and wisdom to claim, “I accept chaos, I’m not sure whether it accepts me.”  Life is built on a foundation of randomness. Is natural selection truly driving the survival of our genes or is chaos arbitrarily mixing it up with our choices?

I just read about retrotransposons – junk genes or scraps of DNA that randomly play around in the human genome.  They insert themselves into our neurons, arbitrarily altering our genetic programming.

I wonder if the changes are really arbitrary.  Maybe our thought patterns influence the playful retrotransposons.  It seems that stress can cause mutations that lead to cancer, etc.  Maybe practicing a state of calmness can result in content retrotransposons happily cleaning and re-decorating our neurons.

I’m thinking that chaos offers many options.  Why not try setting a trend with the choices you make?  I’m choosing happiness and lining up my neurons to practice the happy dance. 🙂


~ by lamiak on January 26, 2011.

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